How My First Big Hairy Audacious Goal Changed Everything .

In those far off days before the internet, our immediate surroundings were all we knew.  They dictated our 'norm' and where I grew up, expectations were low. 

It was only when I started high school that I made friends with girls who lived on 'the other side of the tracks,' that I began to realise there was more to life....for some people at least.  

I was inspired to shoot for the stars which for me meant getting a job in a nice office and two weeks in Spain.

  One small step for some, a giant leap for me!!!  

That was MASSIVE for someone who had never been anywhere on holiday who lived in an area where the majority of people did not have the luxury of being 'picky.'

Y Viva Espana, The Start Of Something BIG!

Less than a year later I was indeed working in an office and I had enjoyed a holiday in sunny Spain but more importantly I had learnt how to turn a daydream into reality, something I've continued to do, for myself, my family and others, to this very day.

And I have to say, I Love My Work!!

I still had no idea that had set me on a path that would lead to me living in Africa or that I would go on to start, build, buy and sell businesses and property, including one in Spain,  but it had!

I went on to become a lifelong learner and I have amassed a library of books & materials that have followed me as we've moved, all of which have helped me grow personally and professionally.  

You Can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.  

 When You Have A Powerful 'Why,' Excuses Are Replaced By Actions  & Success Is Just A Matter Of Time.

What's Your Dream?

Our dreams change as we get older so it's important that you take time every year to revise, review and re-evaluate your situation before creating a plan that will take you where you want to go. 

Because I know this can be difficult to do on your own, I've put together a free mini masterclass complete with worksheets that walks you through the process. Click the button below for details. 

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